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I work with entertainment companies, musicians, and individuals involved in culture, education and tourism. I like to tell the right story with the image, making sure it grabs attention, excites and lures in the right public.

*Video in header captured by yours truly* 

Videography, Photography, Album Artwork, Flyers, Posters, Adverts, Web Design, Exterior Design, Watercolor, Personal Commissions and more!

Recent happy clients:

 Univeristy of California Riverside, La Chocita del Loro Comedy Club (Madrid, Gran Via), Tricia Audette (Comedian), Daniel Catalan (Content Writer), The English Training Company (educational company), Santiago Vokram Del Gesu (Violinist, Composer), Antony Rotunno (Musician), Cachin Selis (Musician, Artist), and more

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"No había nadie cerca para confundirme, por lo que estaba forzado a ser original"

Joseph Haydn